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illiCO travaux is specialized in the renovation works in Belgium. In one click, you have the possibility to request for a renovation work global quote, wherever you are. You want to cover your kitchen with tiles? To renovate your bathroom or house from A to Z? illiCO travaux manages interior construction and renovation works, as well as outdoor works (garden and patio) or still interior arrangements.

For all your renovation projects, we provide you certified partners to manage qualitative works

With illiCO travaux, you are absolutely certain to be provided with a transformation work managed in accordance with standard practice by certified skilled workers. We also carry out a study of comparative quotes in order to offer you an attractive quality/price ratio. Do not hesitate, request for a renovation price quotation without delay!

illiCO travaux, Your turnkey construction project

We manage your project from A to Z !

illiCO travaux services encompass:

  • Analysing your needs and the work to be carried out
  • Selecting those companies which have the QualityPRO label
  • Carrying out a study of comparative quotes
  • Provide qualified partners to manage all technical aspects
  • Providing you with a project presentation folder
  • Helping you find the finance
  • Helping you to claim grants and subsidies
  • Drawing up a timing plan
  • Protecting your funds with the Protectacompte account until renovation work begins
  • Activating the legal protection insurance that covers any charges and fees incurred in defending your interests
  • Helping you to manage your project budget
  • Carrying out a satisfaction survey at the end of the project

Here is a sample of our achievements

We work with you to make your renovation projects happen

Do you have plans to expand or refurbish your home? Do you want to modernise your heating system, roof, window or door frames, kitchen, bathroom or patio? All well and good. But no doubt you’ve already seen such projects turn into a headache. illiCO travaux provides the solutions that ensure your renovation projects are seen through professionally.

This means that we manage your entire project and everything it entails for you.

Let your renovation spirit run free – just leave it to us!

You’ve been dreaming about a project. We offer you the chance to make it happen without your dream turning into a nightmare.

  • We make available to you companies in your area that can meet your requirements, be they qualitative, financial or deadline-critical.
  • We only select companies that have the QualityPRO label (this independent label assesses the financial status and quality capabilities of sub-contractors: social security matters, licences, solvency, insurance, etc.).
  • We offer you comparative quotes based on the best prices obtained.
  • We research the grants and subsidies that you are entitled to.
  • We offer you finance packages if you need them.
  • We plan and manage your site.
  • We offer you a package of guarantees unique on the market.
  • And we go even further if you need us to.
  • This isn’t everything. illiCO tavaux offers you other options as well:
  • Carrying out an assessment of the project and plans
  • Working in conjunction with an architect
  • Monitoring the project from a technical perspective
  • Coordinating health and safety efforts (mandatory in certain cases)
  • Carrying out a stability survey, a pre-works assessment, an energy performance report, etc.

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Contact us: Phone +32 2 367.10.60 or leave us a message.

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